"It's so much easier to see the world in black and white. Gray? I don't know what to do with gray..." - Garrus Vakarian

Mohammed Ismail ansari

thinkpad, linux, emacs, oss, automobiles, videogames, lists, productivity, islam


I like to work with computer software (and hardware), cars, and almost every other machine that can be tinkered with. I do re-arrange (and sometimes add) lines of computer code professionally, but I also love to delete data, plan tasks, and check items off a list.


I'm a passionate computer & technology enthusiast with almost fourteen years of professional and over nineteen years of overall experience working with computer software.

Having started my professional career back in 2009 with Microsoft technologies and then later having spent most later half on the front-end, I've touched and explored several platforms and tech stacks. Over the years, I've learned not to limit myself to the language, frameworks, libraries, or platforms I'm familiar with, but instead see them as tools to achieve results, which is mostly solving real-world problems using computer code.

Work Life

My outlook towards technology, curiosity to learn more, and passion for continuous improvement add a few handy items to my arsenal. These prove instrumental in enabling me to self-learn and solve problems within and outsides my area of expertise. My eagerness to share and teach makes me technically inspiring in my team and beyond.

Personal Life

Because working with computers is one of my primary interests, I consider it as something more than just a means to pay my bills. This means that interaction with computer code happens both at work and outside work. Needless to say, I'm a regular contributor to open-source software and have a respectable identity across software development communities on the web.


Being scientific, methodical, and a little overorganized, I like to keep everything around me in proper order and treat anything coming my way with respect and sincerity. Outside of computers, I like to tinker with my gadgets, improve my daily workflow, and play role-playing and strategy video games when time permits. I also have an unusually strong fascination with cars and though I prefer three pedals instead of two, I still try to get behind the wheel of anything that rolls.

You can visit my about.me page to discover more places to find me. Alternatively, you may start from my Mastodon profile.