A Few Places Where You Can Find My Projects

Most of my work resides on GitHub as:

  • GitHub/myTerminal consisting of my personal open-source projects that range from
    • Front-end libraries
    • Node.js libraries and apps
    • Lisp applications
    • Rust crates
    • Small web-apps
    • Useful Bash scripts
    • Google Chrome extensions
    • Emacs starter-kits, extensions and color themes
    • Project templates and boilerplate code
    • Documentation projects, lists and training-material
    • Docker images
    • ... more
  • GitHub/team-fluxion consisting a few open-source projects that I'm a contributor of, at my childhood organization
  • GitLab/myTerminal in form of over a hundred private projects that are well, private

Most of my libraries and extensions listed above are also hosted on their respective package-managers:

Finally, I've also contributed to the community in other ways with:

And there may be more that I don't realize, but you get the idea.